Tuesday 24 September 2013


Hi there. Be ready to sooth your ears and read some phonetic transcription to identify the vowel sounds   /ɑː/  /æ/  /ʌ/  /e/  /ɜː/  /ɪ/  /iː/  /ɒ/  /ɔː/ /ʊ/  /uː/   through the lyrics of the song Splitter by Calexico   transcribed phonetically with the programme PhoTransEdit.

Listen to the song  and do the gap-fill exercise while listening and reading the phonetically transcribed lyrics. Click on the clue button to get a vowel phoneme  /ɑː/  /æ/  /ʌ/  /e/  /ɜː/  /ɪ/  /iː/  /ɒ/  /ɔː/ /ʊ/  /uː/ the missing word contains. Write the word in ordinary English spelling.

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Walkthrivemry said...

The best way to improve pronunciation!
I believe that with these kind of songs or tasks is easier to be able to achieve enhence pronunciation due to phonetic symbols. Watching the phonectic symbols and listening to the song simultaneously is an amazing way to learn the pronunciation of loads of words at once time. I don´t need to look for them one by one.
Although, the first contact it is harhs I guess that overcome it would be only a matter of practise.
Thanks for you awesome work!