Monday 31 August 2009


Some stuff for advanced level. Tim Minchin's witty humour can be difficult to follow for non native speakers of English, but he's certainly a treasure source of material to practice all aspects of connected speech. It contains language that might be offensive, but be aware that the intention is purely humorous. The song Some People Have It Worse Than Me composed and interpreted by Tim Minchin.

"Simultaneously an excellent stand-up comedian, a purveyor of physical comedy, an accomplished musician and a lyricist of diabolical ingenuity. Witty, smart, and unabashedly offensive.”
(The Age, Melbourne)

“Articulate, thoughtful, dry and unashamedly polysyllabic… dark irreverent and talented… excellent, provoking, funny.”
(The Age, Melbourne)

Simply listen and read at the same time. To follow the lyrics, move the bar down (on the right of the lyrics). To control the speed move up (+) or down (-) as needed.

Can you spot the 7 differences between what's written and what he actually says? If you do, send them as a comment.

Lyrics | Tim Minchin lyrics - Some People Have It Worse Than Me lyrics


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