Monday 26 May 2008

SING A NASAL SONG /n/ /m/ /ŋ/

Nasal consonants /n/ /m/ /ŋ/ are produced with a lowered velum in the mouth, allowing air to escape freely through the nose. A nasal consonant is also called nasal stop or nasal continuant.
  • It is advisable to click on the phonemes /n/ /m/ /ŋ/ in the consonant chart on the right before you listen to the song. To produce /ŋ/ you obstruct the air stream through your mouth by bringing the back of your tongue into contact with the soft palate. The spellings for /ŋ/ are:
    • 'ng' as in sing, crying, long
    • 'nk' as in rank, thanks, think
  • Paying special attention to these sounds, listen and sing along with Sing, a song composed by the Scottish band Travis
  • Do the gap- fill activity as you listen again. Use the clues (the nasal consonants /n/ /m/ /ŋ/ the words contain) as you need them, but remember you will lose points. You can repeat the activity as many times as you need to. Use the scroller on the right to move up or down.

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