Monday 10 March 2008

TOMATO /təˈmeɪtəʊ/ OR /təˈmɑtəʊ/ ?

He elegido estos dos videos con la misma canción interpretada por diferentes artistas para mostrar la flexibilidad del Inglés en cuanto a pronunciación. El segundo video muestra la transcripción fonética de las palabras que se prestan a esa dualidad fonética.

  • 1. Listen to the song let's call the whole thing off interpreted by Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire from the film SHALL WE DANCE? and notice the two different ways the following words are pronounced: either, neither, potatoe, tomatoe, pyjamas, laughter, after, vanilla, bananas and oysters

  • 2. Listen to this other version of the same song interpreted by Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald and check the phonetic transcriptions of the words from activity 1


Rober said...


The song is great! and the blog looks great too!

Hope to take part in it soon.

Ana López Pozo said...

Thanks Rober, looking forward to your contribution.

Juan Carlos P. said...

I found this article in the Wikipedia quite interesting on this subject.

Ana López Pozo said...

Thanks Juan Carlos,very interesting article.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ana! I really like Ginger's skates. Do they have high heels? I wonder where i might buy a pair...
Do you know that the English (I don't know about the Irish) argue over the pronunciacion of another type of food - scones. (they're small, quite hard, cakes, eaten with butter and sometimes cream). I say scone but many others say scon (as if there were no e at the end). Like the blog a lot, it's a nice mixture of v accessible visual and audio and the more difficult stuff which might take me a while to get my head round.
besos, claire

Ana López Pozo said...

I like those skates too,I think they might be out of stock at the moment :-D
As for scone they can be pronounced /skɒn/ or /skəʊn/ indistinctly, even for the Irish.
Thanks for your comment.